My Wellbox
face routines

Wellbox®[S] responds naturally, quickly, and effectively to each beauty problem.
To better suit your lifestyle, the Wellbox routines were developed to become your new daily beauty ritual.

It consists of Wellbox®[S] treatment steps (specially developed by LPG® experts), followed by the application of endermologie® cosmetics.

This synergy between Wellbox®[S] and endermologie® cosmetics gives your skin the solution it has been waiting for, in just 6 minutes a day.

DETOX routine

Quick, revive my skin
before my workday

Who is it for? Anyone with dehydrated
skin and a dull complexion.

healthy glow routine

An impromptu night out? Wellbox®[S]
to ensure a brilliant healthy glow!

Who is it for? For those who need
a healthy glow, fast.

26 Routines to discover

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Wellbox®[S] face benefits

The LIFT heads, specifically developed for the face, act intensely on the skin using flap beats combined with vertical suction.