An impromptu night out? Wellbox®[S]
to ensure a brilliant healthy glow !

  • I clean my skin

    I clean my skin and prepare it with the Pre-care Micellar Lotion. This daily care hydrates and soothes my skin. Micellar technology enables perfect makeup removal with optimal tolerance, with an added touch of freshness.

  • I restore my skin’s glow

    I restore my skin’s glow in just 3 steps, with Wellbox®[S].

  • I apply the Total Eye Care

    Using an outward-smoothing motion I apply the Total Eye Care. With LPG® exclusive anti-aging complex, it works effectively on the synthesis of collagen and elastin, preventing their breakdown.

  • I apply the Radiance Brightening Serum

    With the Radiance Brightening Serum I get a glowing and uniform complexion. This is an amazing cocktail combining high-concentration vitamin C with a shine enhancer and anti-pigmentation active ingredient.

  • I apply the Soin Anti-Âge Défense Cellulaire SPF30

    For a healthy glow I apply the Soin Anti-Âge Défense Cellulaire SPF30. This tinted fluid smooths irregularities, targets fine lines and wrinkles, and provides UV protection (SPF30).

Wellbox®[S] face benefits

The LIFT heads, specifically developed for the face, act intensely on the skin using flap beats combined with vertical suction.